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Puliyodharai | Puliyogare | Tamarind Rice

Hi all, Tamarind rice, Puliyodharai, Puliyogare, Pulihora is a rice made with tamarind along with roasted and ground spices. It can be made like a ready mix (Pulikachal) and mixed with cooked rice and served.. Puliyodharai is very tangy, spicy and tasty dish which can be a quick fix for a boring lunch.. You canContinue reading “Puliyodharai | Puliyogare | Tamarind Rice”

Potato Onion Fry or Potato Roast

Hi all, Sorry for being so irregular in posting recipes. This lockdown has doubled my work.. My son is keeping me on my toes.. He wants my attention all the time.. 😁 So even I am enjoying this quality time with family. I will try and post more regularly from now.. I am going toContinue reading “Potato Onion Fry or Potato Roast”