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Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usli

Vazhaipoo also known as Banana flower is a rich source of fiber. It is used widely in south india for various dishes..

Today I am sharing this Vazhaipoo paruppu Usli recipe that I learnt from my MIL.. This is my hubby’s favorite..

Paruppu Usli means dal soaked, ground and cooked which is mixed with cooked vegetable and made into a dry curry or poriyal. It is commonly made in Tam-bram houses. It’s a very healthy side dish..


Banana Flower or Vazhaipoo – 1 medium size

Toor dal – 1 cup

Red chillies – 3 to 4

Asafoetida – 1 inch piece

Oil for roasting


1. Remove the banana petals and you can find banana flowers inside each petal.. remove the flower.. inside every flower there will be a small stem. (Refer picture below) The stem has to be removed.

As you go deeper into the petals the flower’s stem will be soft so in that case you need not remove the stem.. You will find a bud inside the flower which can also be chopped and used.

Now finely chop all the flowers and the bud and soak it in buttermilk to avoid it turning blackish in color.

2. Soak toor dal for half an hour.

Wash and strain the soaked toor dal and grind it along with red chillies, asafoetida, curry leaves and salt and grind it into a coarse paste and keep it aside.

Strain and wash the chopped vazhaipoo along with salt and cook it in a cooker for 4 whistles.. Once done, strain and keep it aside.


Take a non stick kadai or a heavy bottom kadai. Add 3 tsp oil and temper with mustard and urad dal.. once they splutter, add the ground paste and cook till they get roasted well and turn into a crumbled texture..

Remember to keep the flame low and cook otherwise the dal will get burnt. Also add a tsp of oil every now and then so that it gets roasted well, otherwise it will turn very dry.

Once the dal is cooked well now add the chopped and cooked vazhaipoo or banana florets and give it a good mix and cook for a minute.

Tadaa.. it’s done.. tasty and healthy Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usli is done.. You can eat it along with rice and vethakuzhumbu/ rasam.

Points to remember:

1. Always apply some sesame oil in your hands before you touch the banana flower to avoid your hands from getting black stains in your nails and fingers.

2. You can chop and soak the banana florets in buttermilk one day in advance and store it in the fridge for the next day’s use.


Published by Gowri Arun

I am Gowri Arun. My page intends to give you quick and easy recipes without compromising on quality and taste. Do check my recipes. Happy cooking.. 😊

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